2022 I had a dream that I longed for so much that I wanted to realize it on my body: one day, I opened a shrine of my drawings, I became sad because they were there, hidden, inside a shrine..I wanted them alive, I wanted to wear them and live them. So, inspired by my mom who under the communist regime that had taken over her land, she was forced from a very young age to sew her own clothes because what was available to her was a commodity for the masses. Inspired by a beautiful shirt of my grandmother's, whose had prints of designs directly in the fabric, I decided that I wanted to make my own clothes with my own designs printed on them, too, because paradoxically, although I did not grow up in a totalitarian regime, what we are living is an illusion of freedom, an illusion of being unique that blinds us from doing good, a false freedom that manipulates us to buy things that we would never even remotely like, and so this gesture of creating my dress is to remind me that we are still free to choose, to use our hands and our minds and not to leave it to machines and algorithms. P.S in the absence of a sewing machine, I sewed the dress by hand.

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