Camera: Samsung a50
What you see are two faces, two parts of me: the feminine part and the masculine part, which have been fighting each other for so long.
By taking this picture, I accepted them and thus embarked on the path to my inner balance.
A little funny and witty, a little procrastinator, a little bizarre but also a little so serious, determined and clear.
One is constantly helping the other get through the days.


Camera: Motog8 power.
This representation is naked inspiration. I had the opportunity to directly create the shot immediately as soon as the idea came up.
For me it represents the part of my postive and creative madness, therefore the part that we all have, maybe in me it is more developed? Who knows?
Anyway, for me it was so much fun to create this instant where you don't really understand what my intentions are with the guitar but still know,
in that moment, that music will save my soul.
So music is able to do it with everyone, you just have to know how to hear and listen.



Camera: Motog8 power - 118° ultra wide.
Photomontage idea that represents my spirit, my energy
and the camera symbolizes my big eyes, the 360° view that has been given to me and that allows me to do my best.


Camera: Motog8 power - 118° ultra wide.
With this sentence I want to bring to the daily reminder that the only thing that really limits us in life is time, so as I am trying, it would make me very happy if everyone who is part of this planet would learn to manage their OWN time, because there will be no other. Let's stay connected to ourselves!
I need to correct myself:
However, this is also wrong, the real limits do not exist because we are our only limit, if! You see it that way..
It all depends on who we are and how we see ourselves and for that, we have to stay connected to ourselves and that's why there are no limits other than the mathematical ones we have translated into TIME,
but as one person I respected used to say,
time is relative.



Camera: Samsung a50
Also for these shots that follow in the "KILK KAZO" gallery, I had the great fortune to execute exactly the moment certain ideas came to me, thanks to the presence of my brother. They were carried out exactly in the days when I was designing this site for the third time in seven postgraduate years.
This time in a definitive form.
I have always loved to go and explore abandoned places. The places in the photographs are places I had already explored many times, since they are located in the town where I grew up, and the funniest thing is that they are so well placed in front of everyone's eyes that no one sees them.
Those were very intense days for me: a boy, whom I later found out, was better lost than found because of the pain in my heart.
He had just fraternised me, in every sense of the word.
(in the KLIK KAZO gallery) The moments of total liberation from this great burden and disappointment were immortalised: one sees in a photo, the face of a suffering woman who needs to shine, and a moment later, she is free of it, and the next, she unleashes her beauty of soul.
Thank you my brother, without you this process would not have been possible in such a short time! All photos, are shots of that day exactly in chronological order. Since that day, the journey of life has also begun, not for revenge, not for pride, not for the pleasure of others BUT for own love.


Camera: Samsung a50
First of all 'Tribal' because I love the clarity of primitive tribes, they are crystal clear in their humanity, in social structure and cultural basis.
Why do I like them so much? Because they do not need things, medicines, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, cars, electricity, internets, money. They only need heat, drink, eat, sleep, urinate, defecate and the joy they find in rituals, through music, dance and the emotions of a simple but tasty and full existence.Therefore, I often tend to manage my life according to these principles and not others. Within the limits of the compromises which this society imposes on me.
The photographs were taken on top of a ruined castle in Italy (Rovereto). The moments in the "KLIK KAZO" gallery are part of this top. Unforgettable. It is no coincidence that the prevailing colour is white, like the Baryte.
"Tribarium' why? I find it an interesting word: it means "unconquerable", but, in fact, it is also a chemical formula made up of three-baryum (tri-barium); Baryum is a chemical element that is highly reactive with water and oxygen, and is not found as a free element in nature. Its hydroxide is found in Baryte, which is generally white and its name comes from the Greek "Baryta" meaning "strong".



Camera: Samsung a50
When a person acts playfully and with childlike innocence,
things are then exactly as in the picture you observe.
It was an instinctive impulse one day, out for a walk with my brother, to climb onto a concrete block.
Absolutely it was not out of vandalism, it was a challenge.
At the top, I imagined I had wings and was flying and my body was so light!
As soon as I got ashore again, I was scolded for not touching, let alone climbing on, works of art
and I unsuspectingly said: 'is that a work of art? I didn't know, excuse me'.
I like the perfection of the timelines in this random anecdote and this shot always reminds me, that we are free and happy creatures.


Camera: There is no camera,
the instrument used is my eyes and my hands.
This is a vision I had. First of all I thought of drawing it but since it includes 5 levels of visual depth,
I thought it was better to try digital processing because of the complexity of the idea and to speed up the processing time.
In the foreground is what for me was the representation of life itself and its roots.
In the background we have, on the left, the symbolic representation of pure inspiration and, on the right,
therefore as a third visual level a vaulted painting as it is a drawing of mine, a beginning at the time of the mural project that is now finally coming to life,
and it's about day and night where characters from my adolescence are drawn.
On the fourth visual level is the representation of love in the form of two tree trunks about to kiss.
On the fifth and final visual level, there is a bridge leading to nature through the water and the warmth of the sun that bring all the levels below to life.
In the gallery "KLIK KAZO" there is another picture that looks the same but is not, there is a butterfly and this time it is a shot I took of a butterfly.
The second image I originally named Daughter.



Camera: NikonD3200
This shot was taken in Pribram ( Czech Republic )
It was actually the city's centennial celebration, there were all kinds of people everywhere, the city was shaking with joy and it was alive.
I swear on my soul, that I had a successful photo at the exact moment when a Czech politician but at the time minister of economy,
had a public speech and I, being small in stature, managed to slip under the giraffe journalists and so take the photo in which he held two hands on his genitals:
Psychologically speaking, this gesture is an indication of "fear of discovery."
So when a person has a secret, given by the guilty conscience, which keeps hidden, we touch the genitals, both, male and female, during an interlocution with others.
It's very possible they were asking him some very uncomfofortable questions. :)
My HDD crashed, with all the photographic material of 4 years, so there will NOT be in the "KLIK KAZO" gallery.


Camera: NikonD3200
Do you see it too?
His soul is happy and quiet, he feels great.
If I start to explain where and when I took this shot, you would find it hard to believe me.
So I choose to elucidate what I see and what I learn from observing this photography:
I see a soul who is happy to do what he does. Young but also old, independent, quiet, straight.
She does not care about the context, the judgement of others, the dress.
All that matters is the quality of the sound his breath makes and the happiness in doing so.
The message I get every time I look at it is not to burden the reason and the mind. Rather!
Doing, following me, following my I, TRYING because if I don't try, I will never really know
and it would be a lifetime in the imagination, so I get up and start doing.
Why? Because I want to know and taste the reality of life.



Camera: Nikon D3200
One very casual afternoon,
a very good friend of mine asked me to do a photo shoot together as she was playing this interesting sport.
In order to take the shots, we went around several parks, for technical reasons such as beautiful place but branches too high, us too low and unable to hook the circle to the branch we chose.
The most interesting thing for everyone was to find the exactly desired figure in the consecutive circularity of the circle. I learned a lot photographically speaking, both in the shooting and in the post-processing.
They were completely moments of light in many senses and I treasure that day.


2914 - 2014
Camera: NIkon D3200.
I honestly don't remember why or when I did this photomontage.
I only remember, that it took me an eternity and I was inspired by a reinterpretation in Cyborg verison of the hermit, tarot cards.
It's like looking at mechanical version of myself made up of algorithms, I've probably been influenced by futuristic ideas from the past.
In fact, in the photo you can see something very old but also something future...
no longer because it has become the present; this 'Demon Cyborg' that keeps us detached from human contact and our humanity in general.



Camera: Azure Olimpus - digital firsts
The location is in the village of my origins,
in view is the church where I was baptised.
I had the idea of turning the shadow of the tree into a female figure because I remember thinking about Mother Nature at the time of the shot.
I like its majesty, beauty and strength.
Looking at the photo today, it reminds me a lot of me back in the day,
thinking a lot about the origins of things to expand my knowledge about the beautiful world we live in and unexpectedly the tree reflects a female shadow.


Camera: Nikon D3200
What you'll see if you "KLIK KAZO" on,
is just one thousandth of all my photographic material taken during the years of self-taught photography.
A path that really helped me a lot in knowing how to observe.
I used to practise a lot, then, to arrange the photographs as to clean them and bring out the lights so that I could see their essence,
without altering them and if I altered them, then totally.
The photo I have chosen as the cover is of a child who was enthusiastically running in Rovereto.
Just because he felt like running. Isn't that beautiful?



Camera: Azure Olimpus - digital firsts
I originally named this leaf 'veined leaf'.
I was walking in the woods in a ruined spot near my home in Italy,
I had my digital camera out for training and this leaf caught my eye, fallen but so alive! So much so that I took it home and it stayed so green,
as you can see, for a long time.
Then it changed to red, lilac, bordeaux and then it dried out and I let it fly away.


Camera: Canon EOS300
A family camera, roll film.
It is a scan of a couple of photos printed on phorographic paper.
I loved photographic development and from what I found out later, it was also a great passion of my grandfather and my dad.
In this shot, I notice the pure balance of my personality when I was 15 years old.
Innocence in photographically capturing the most natural and spontaneous things in life, such as the following photo, "KLIK KAZO" on.
The photos also show what was my first logo proposal for VIVI, taking my breath away.