2023 technique: pen These are real experiences depicted in comics, trying to ironically but effectively extrapolate the soul of such facts. Almost two months of constant drawing led to a unique and unrepeatable result, like the people for whom this idea was intended. In the first drawing there is a tower, and a telecommunications tower located in Prague's Ziskov district on which, an artist made giant babies. In the case of this depiction, the babies were swapped with the boy who is the protagonist of this story, since his neighborhood of origin is precisely the same. In the second there is a medieval tower, and the tower of the city of Strakonice, where the main girl, who is a skateboard enthusiast, comes from. In the third there is depicted a travel experience to Pompeii of these two beautiful protagonists while in the fourth drawing the turning point, the eternal love that accompanies them and finally in the fifth their future together. Translated with (free version)

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