Techique: colored pencils.
This drawing was a direct experience of mine: A day like many other, my mother's borrowed car slipped on the wet road beacuse it was drizzling.
It - the car - flew in the air, did two somersaltus on itself, I tried to brake and straighten the steering wheel, but the moment I realized that there was nothing I could do I just stopped trying.
The only thing that I can say is that in that moment i felt a presence, an energy that was not mine. Call it God if that's how you wanna call it. The car landed in the only spot of wet sand, so the flight was amortized. It was totally destroyed.
The first thing I saw were the perfectly folded glasses that my dad gave me just before he died and the second a red wooden heart that my mother used to carry with her when she was sick. Shi is fine now and that makes me very happy. I ran out of the car looking for help and then came back home, to her.
As soon as I arrived I went for a walk around the pond behind our house and there I lived this beautiful moment, the sun was setting and the moon was rising and I was exactly in the middle of this future, savoring the moments.


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