Technique: pencil and pen.
Lady B ( Beruska in Czech means ladybug ) - Lady B, let it be..
It's just the realization of a small detail;
when I was working as a floor maid in Italy, there were a few consecutive days where there was a particular room where every time i walked in, there was ladybug on the curtains that almost seemed to be waiting for me.
I was very sad and exhausted from a job hat I will never advise anyone to do as long as I have lasted a whole season.
She gave me so much joy that i drew her.
Today, making two and two, i realize that the geometry that is in front of her, I copied it from a shirt that a person dear to me at the time tore it up.
The message for me in this case was "dont't get so emotionally attached to people and their things, let them go, fly away", hence "Let it be".
We always manage to understand things but every "thing" has its own time.


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