Technique: Pen.
If you open the dictionary with me, you will notice the equivalent to the word 'archetype', synonyms such as: original model or exemplar.
In my experience, I made this drawing at a time when my "animus" was struggling with the archetypes handed down to me by my parents, to them by their parents, by their parents' parents...
It was a good job to discard and weaken the archetypes that I did not like and that I considered unhealthy for my personality, for example mental dynamics and habits. Keeping and strengthening the pleasant and healthy ones. Thus creating a mind that is flexible to change.
Speaking in archetypes, my animal in activity is the lion, in agressivity it is the wolf, which I discover today, eight years after I made the drawing and which makes me understand a lot about my need in the past for a uninon of the "animus" (Jung).
We note that the term "ARCHETIPE", we know it used in; Analytical psychology - in Jungian thought: an image present in the collective unconscious,
In Philology - the unpreserved manuscript from which all known codes derive, we also learn about it in mythology, literature, linguistics and finally in marketing..
Not all archetypes are right and not all are wrong.
We must be able to 'filter' reality well, following our heart.


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