Camera: NikonD3200
Do you see it too?
His soul is happy and quiet, he feels great.
If I start to explain where and when I took this shot, you would find it hard to believe me.
So I choose to elucidate what I see and what I learn from observing this photography:
I see a soul who is happy to do what he does. Young but also old, independent, quiet, straight.
She does not care about the context, the judgement of others, the dress.
All that matters is the quality of the sound his breath makes and the happiness in doing so.
The message I get every time I look at it is not to burden the reason and the mind. Rather!
Doing, following me, following my I, TRYING because if I don't try, I will never really know
and it would be a lifetime in the imagination, so I get up and start doing.
Why? Because I want to know and taste the reality of life.


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