Camera: There is no camera,
the instrument used is my eyes and my hands.
This is a vision I had. First of all I thought of drawing it but since it includes 5 levels of visual depth,
I thought it was better to try digital processing because of the complexity of the idea and to speed up the processing time.
In the foreground is what for me was the representation of life itself and its roots.
In the background we have, on the left, the symbolic representation of pure inspiration and, on the right,
therefore as a third visual level a vaulted painting as it is a drawing of mine, a beginning at the time of the mural project that is now finally coming to life,
and it's about day and night where characters from my adolescence are drawn.
On the fourth visual level is the representation of love in the form of two tree trunks about to kiss.
On the fifth and final visual level, there is a bridge leading to nature through the water and the warmth of the sun that bring all the levels below to life.
In the gallery "KLIK KAZO" there is another picture that looks the same but is not, there is a butterfly and this time it is a shot I took of a butterfly.
The second image I originally named Daughter.


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