2023 technique: pen These are real experiences depicted in comics, trying to ironically but effectively extrapolate the soul of such facts. Almost two months of constant drawing led to a unique and unrepeatable result, like the people for whom this idea was intended. In the first drawing there is a tower, and a telecommunications tower located in Prague's Ziskov district on which, an artist made giant babies. In the case of this depiction, the babies were swapped with the boy who is the protagonist of this story, since his neighborhood of origin is precisely the same. In the second there is a medieval tower, and the tower of the city of Strakonice, where the main girl, who is a skateboard enthusiast, comes from. In the third there is depicted a travel experience to Pompeii of these two beautiful protagonists while in the fourth drawing the turning point, the eternal love that accompanies them and finally in the fifth their future together. Translated with (free version)


2023 technique: pen, acrylic These are painted backgrounds for the video game 2DJump. They are developed on three levels based on the location concept of a Tokyo in the future in symbiosis with nature. The three levels because they correspond to the levels of the game and as transportation between them, there is an elevator on the right side that is based on the principle of levitation. The Robot protagonist of the game has to be able to jump without falling, collecting objects until he reaches the elevator and thus goes to another level. The game is under development.


Technique: pen and acryl.
That's how it is when you have a vison, a lightning bolt that kidnaps your mind with the most absurd imagination.
This is a 3D printer motherboard, designed and inserted into a circular shape, creating the effect of overlapping disks spinning and interlocking.
Inside, I also included some of the matrix code. Giving then the idea that all this is behind an eye, metaphor to the functioning organism.
It was made possible only by love; for two and a half months every day I painted piece to pieces, and I got the strength and determination from a person who supports me and believes in me.


2023 technique: pen This is a commissioned depiction of a dog in steampunk and cyborg style. Depicted in three versions that look similar but at the same time totally different. And a cross between a logo and a icon.


2022 - 2017
Technique: color pencil.
It is a drawing begun, abandoned, found and finished.
When I found it, it only had one coloured wing.
I immediately started drawing: the desire to see it finished was absolute.
What makes it interesting is the fact that it recounts one of my steps forward,
a personal victory of mine, which is to finish what has been started.
Not only did I finish what had begun; bringing to a simultaneous end a welter of projects, more, I decided to do with love, a second version.
Finished to the sound of daily work 'even if the world fell'...
Dico solo che concludere alle volte è totalmente liberatorio.


Technique: pencil and pen.
Lady B ( Beruska in Czech means ladybug ) - Lady B, let it be..
It's just the realization of a small detail;
when I was working as a floor maid in Italy, there were a few consecutive days where there was a particular room where every time i walked in, there was ladybug on the curtains that almost seemed to be waiting for me.
I was very sad and exhausted from a job hat I will never advise anyone to do as long as I have lasted a whole season.
She gave me so much joy that i drew her.
Today, making two and two, i realize that the geometry that is in front of her, I copied it from a shirt that a person dear to me at the time tore it up.
The message for me in this case was "dont't get so emotionally attached to people and their things, let them go, fly away", hence "Let it be".
We always manage to understand things but every "thing" has its own time.



Technique: pencil and pen.
This drawing was conceived in 2018, it was a trip to Spain, by train.
In Germany we were stopped, made to get off the train, searched up to the throat and then abandoned in the middle of the fields on the German border.
We managed to take a train towards Spain, they made us get off at the first German town we reached, (I obviously had a suspicious face for the Germans even though I was dressed as a water and soap girl) and we were detained in that town for 24 hours, we slept in a new, tall building similar to those in the drawing, high up where the apartments and dental offices ended and there, when we woke up, we had this idea because we were enjoying the lonely sunrise in the middle of the buildings. we never made it to Spain. we went back.


Techique: colored pencils.
This drawing was a direct experience of mine: A day like many other, my mother's borrowed car slipped on the wet road beacuse it was drizzling.
It - the car - flew in the air, did two somersaltus on itself, I tried to brake and straighten the steering wheel, but the moment I realized that there was nothing I could do I just stopped trying.
The only thing that I can say is that in that moment i felt a presence, an energy that was not mine. Call it God if that's how you wanna call it. The car landed in the only spot of wet sand, so the flight was amortized. It was totally destroyed.
The first thing I saw were the perfectly folded glasses that my dad gave me just before he died and the second a red wooden heart that my mother used to carry with her when she was sick. Shi is fine now and that makes me very happy. I ran out of the car looking for help and then came back home, to her.
As soon as I arrived I went for a walk around the pond behind our house and there I lived this beautiful moment, the sun was setting and the moon was rising and I was exactly in the middle of this future, savoring the moments.



Technique: pencil and watercolr.
The inspiration for this projekt comes from a reinterpretation of the characters from Alice in Wonderland.
The inspiration died the moment the Caterplillar smoked himself, and this is why it doesn't have a body.


Technique: pencil and pen combinated with two different drawing techniques.
Interesting experience, I illustreated four books for a couple, respectively Danilo and Isotta Bettini.
This path gave me a lot because even if my friends of the time criticized me that my social life were only elderly people, what I was living on the other side was
1 - learn the dialect of the places where I grew up since all the books are written in this language.
2- each illustrated story is a real story that is part of their life memories and it was great to immerse myself and learn something from the authenticity of the past.
3- learn to draw with more techniques because it was required of me.
If you enter the gallery or " KLIK KAZO AND SEE EVERYTHING" you will notice how the illustrations, with my photographs have been updated over the years,
to give it more life.



Technique: Pen.
If you open the dictionary with me, you will notice the equivalent to the word 'archetype', synonyms such as: original model or exemplar.
In my experience, I made this drawing at a time when my "animus" was struggling with the archetypes handed down to me by my parents, to them by their parents, by their parents' parents...
It was a good job to discard and weaken the archetypes that I did not like and that I considered unhealthy for my personality, for example mental dynamics and habits. Keeping and strengthening the pleasant and healthy ones. Thus creating a mind that is flexible to change.
Speaking in archetypes, my animal in activity is the lion, in agressivity it is the wolf, which I discover today, eight years after I made the drawing and which makes me understand a lot about my need in the past for a uninon of the "animus" (Jung).
We note that the term "ARCHETIPE", we know it used in; Analytical psychology - in Jungian thought: an image present in the collective unconscious,
In Philology - the unpreserved manuscript from which all known codes derive, we also learn about it in mythology, literature, linguistics and finally in marketing..
Not all archetypes are right and not all are wrong.
We must be able to 'filter' reality well, following our heart.


2014 - 21st century
Technique: coloured pencils and pen.
Honestly, I don't remember when I made this drawing.
In a way I have created a shield against toxicity in front of the passion flower as if I wanted to protect nature from the pollution we are causing to this beautiful earth, as if I wanted to safeguard our Nature; biologically speaking that which surrounds us.
Maybe it's because it's already poisonous in good quantities and we don't have the right to increase the doses, but....
Like a concrete number of my drawings, I remember that it was a time of pain and someone was trying to manipulate my mind.
It may have been an instinctive form of defence in which my soul cried out: 'Live beautiful creature, I will not let you be manipulated, I am your essence and you must shine'.



Technique: pencil and pen.
White Rabbit Green was born in 2013,
Liv8592 was 22 years old and had a great need to get everywhere in time, but for Liv it is always late, but she is always there.
So White Rabbit Green became part of a 5 x 2.70 m personal mural project in a vaulted arcade. I have been working on this project for the past 10 years.


Technique: acrylic.
I was completely under the school exams of the Fortunato Depero Art Institute
and I could not study, so every evening instead of studying, I painted. This is how my version of " V 4 Vendetta" was born.
I remember that I was almost obsessed with finishing it because I was so immersed in his gaze, in those icy eyes where he finds himself.
Later, almost ten years later I had it printed on fabric and I created a coat by hand, sewing the print on the back. I wear it every day.